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Quilts and Quilting

Lancaster County is home to many quilt shops featuring beautiful, hand-sewn quilts. And if you’re quilter yourself, you can find several quilting and fabric shops carrying everything you need.


Here are some of the close-by places to browse and buy your next quilt.

The quilt auction is held six Tuesdays each year at the Garden Spot Firehouse in New Holland. Sale items include quilts, wall hangings, quilt topics, fabric lots, and more.
Hometowne Quilt Auction
Don’t let the unassuming exterior of this place fool you; inside you’ll find a wide selection of quilts compactly organized.
Martin's Quilts & Pillows
Hidden back a long, narrow drive, Smuckers Quilts is a fairly large building with quilts all along the back wall. The rest of the space is filled with the variety of any gift shop including mugs, quillows, toys, books, signs, and some home canned foods.
Smuckers Quilts
This small quilt shop displays quilts on a vertically rotating rack in the showroom. A wide selection of queen and king sized quilts, along with pillows, stuffed animals, wall hangings, and other homegoods. Upstairs is a battery-operated lamp and lighting store.
Pillows, quilts, and other housewares are on offer.
Behind the display beds, a wide rotating rack maximizes the vertical space of this renovated corn crib. Upstairs a number of artifical bouquets can be purchased Battery-operated lamps and chandeliers are for sale on the second floor.


For fabric and supplies for your next project, check out these local shops.

Aisles and aisles of carefully organized fabrics dominate the first floor, along with sections devoted to buttons, zippers, bias tape, and other notions. Upstairs is a small section devoted to books, some tables of remnants and a room with Tupperware products for sale.
Cedar Lane Dry Goods
Adjacent to Kitchen Kettle Village, Nancy’s Corner features hand-made quilts as well as quilting materials.
Nancy's Corner
Across the street from Kitchen Kettle Village, the Old Country Store has a selection of quilts and fabrics.
Old Country Store
Tucked behind Immergut Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels, wander the neatly arranged rows of beautiful fabrics at Zook’s.
Zook's Fabric Store