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Key Features

  • Queen Bed
  • Wifi
  • Television with Roku
  • Private Bathroom
  • Double-Head Shower
  • A/C
  • Electric Fireplace
  • $139/night plus tax


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Cherub Room

This room has an angel theme, a queen-sized bed, and overlooks the intersection of West Main Street and Mentzer Avenue.


The queen bed has a hand-carved wooden headboard. The headboard features life-sized cherubs holding a garland of flowers and embracing one another in an open hug. Above the figures are two rosettes and the top of the headboard is block engraved with the letter D for the former innkeeper who carved the piece, Fred Dilworth.

In the corner cabinet is a 1080p TV equipped with Roku. The TV has available HDMI ports in case you wish to connect your laptop or other device to the larger screen during your stay.

An electric fireplace stands in front of the original wood-burning fireplace and offers a cozy ambience year round (and an additional source of heat, if desired, in the cooler months).

A wall-mounted air conditioning unit provides individual temperature control during the summer.

The room has two windows facing south southeast which really brightens the room during the day. The primary focal point from these windows is a nice view of the church across the street. The room also has one window facing west southwest (over Mentzer Avenue) which provides a view down West Main Street.

The cherub décor extends through all the details of the room including the keyring.


This room’s private bathroom has a spacious shower stall with two shower heads. The shower curtain is, of course, decorated with cherubs.