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Rooms and Rates

Each of the four rooms at Country Hearth B&B has its own personality and features. Click on a room’s name to learn more and view photos of the room. Review the frequently asked questions about rooms below.

Celestial Gardens Suite

This quiet two-room suite is themed with suns, moons, and flowers. Located on the northwest of the house, the bedroom overlooks the driveway and the sitting room looks out over Mentzer Avenue. Bedroom Bathroom Sitting Room The Celestial Gardens Suite has a king bed and a gas fireplace. A glider sits by the fireplace. Room darkening cellular blinds ensure the room is dark when you want it. The private bathroom is separated from the bedroom by two doors.

Cherub Room

This room has an angel theme, a queen-sized bed, and overlooks the intersection of West Main Street and Mentzer Avenue. Bedroom Bathroom From the headboard to the light switches, every detail of this room is angelic. The headboard was carved by a local woodcarver. An Amish made quilt adorns the bed. Lamps on either side of the bed ensure you have light when and where you need it. Enjoy the flame-effects of the electric fireplace.

Serenity Room

This room’s features soothing greens, violet, and lavenders. A hand-painted mural adorns the wall. It overlooks our driveway on the northeast corner of the house. Bedroom Bathroom A beautiful quilt adorns the queen-sized bed. A hand-painted mural adorns the wall over the electric fireplace. The Serenity Room has a large whirlpool tub and a private en suite bathroom with its own shower. The wall-mounted TV can be adjusted for viewing from anywhere in the room.

Star Room

This romantic room is named for the Amish-made quilt that graces the king size bed. There is a two-person Jacuzzi placed in the room, and a separate powder room. The gas fireplace adds to the ambiance and can be enjoyed from the sitting area. Bedroom Bathroom The corner cabinet holds the Roku TV. Enjoy the warmth of the fire from the glider. The king-sized bed is flanked by matching side tables.

Room FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions about our rooms are answered below.

Do you have any first floor rooms?

No, all guest rooms are on the second floor. Guests will need to navigate 21 steps to enter their room: 5 steps to enter the building, then 10 steps from the first floor to a midway landing, and 6 more steps to reach the second floor. The Celestial Gardens Suite also has two steps between the sitting room and the bedroom/bathroom. The Star Room has one step up to its powder room, and both the Star Room and Serenity Room have a step up to the jetted tub.

Do you have an elevator?

Our 230-year-old home does not have an elevator.

Will I have a private bathroom?

Yes, each room has its own private bathroom. The bathrooms are conveniently located inside your room.

Shower or Tub?

If you prefer a shower, the Cherub Room has a shower stall with two shower heads and the Serenity Room also has a shower stall. The Star Room and Celestial Gardens Suite have shower heads over their tubs.

If you prefer a tub, the Serenity Room and Star Room both have in-room jetted tubs. The Celestial Gardens Suite has a jetted tub in its bathroom.

Do you have any king beds?

Yes. The Star Room and Celestial Gardens Suite each has a king-sized bed.

The Cherub Room and the Serenity Room each has a queen-sized bed.

How many people can stay in a room?

There is a maximum occupancy of two people per room (and only one bed in each room). Our total capacity is eight guests (two in each of the four rooms).